Basic Poker Strategies and Habits to Adopt

In poker, you win money and you lose money. This article lays the foundation of how to maximise the former and minimise the latter, especially when playing Texas Hold’Em.

I) Determine your goals

Come up with a plan. Is this your way of relaxing after work? Or you want to play in the World Series? How are you going to achieve your goal? What are your financial limits? Does your bankroll plan allow for them?

Try to think about every aspect of your money.

II) Study the Game

Become a student. Learn the rules. Read about the tricks. Buy well-known books. Watch tournaments. Explore the greats’ strengths and weaknesses.
Texas Hold’Em is a fairly easy game to play once you’ve mastered the basics. The game features a 5 card hand in which two cards are dealt to the players and five cards are dealt to the middle of the table. From these community cards a player can choose three to combine with the two in their hand to make the highest hand possible. The cards are valued in the same way as with all games of poker.

As in any poker variant, coming up with a strategy is as equally important in Texas Hold ‘Em as it is in any other poker game.

III) Finances

Money and its management. Beginners are best-advised to play micro limits. Even if you do well financially, it pays to start with a small sum, such as $100 and play as many hands with it to gain experience.

IV) Record yourself

Your wins and losses will show you your strengths and weaknesses. This helps in coming up with a successful strategy. Here are some ideas (

V) Poker Hands

An experienced Texas Hold’Em player will probably have an insane number of sheets detailing their hands. Learn all the “winning” ones and then venture into good and bad starting hands.

Lastly, be patient and always control your emotions. In poker, a poor decision can cost a lot. And remember that success does not happen overnight.