Strategies in Poker

Poker is a game about skill. Knowing when to stick, call, or fold can make, or break a player’s game. It can be a time-consuming process but learning and applying some basic strategies in poker can greatly improve a player’s game.

Basic Strategies for the Beginner

At its most basic level poker is about mathematics. Good decisions are crucial and players should recognize that not all days will be winning ones. Good decisions will create good results. Player’s should never base the way they play by an individual hand. Instead players should aim to have the best possible game every time they play.

Starting hands are an important part of play. There is a long list of important guidelines to follow a starting hand. Having a good starting hand more often than other players at the table will improve the chances of winning. The starting hand will change the player’s position at the table greatly and understanding the meaning of this is the key to success. There are helpful charts that can demonstrate how to get the strongest possible starting hand. These charts demonstrate when to raise, play, fold or re-raise in efforts to improve the position at the table. For beginners, it is a good idea to learn these charts before changing things up when feeling more comfortable in the game. Overall, play conservatively in the early stages of the game. That way, you stand a greater chance of outlasting those too aggressive for their own good.

Strategies for the Advanced Player

As players increase their knowledge and skill level, they can use different styles of play in their games. There are four main styles of play that fall in the categories of ‘tight’, ‘loose’, ‘aggressive’ and ‘passive’. The first is a cautious gameplay with a low number of hands and not so many risks. Loose play is the opposite with players using a lot of hands. Aggressive involves a lot of betting and big bets to put other players under pressure, whilst passive play is the opposite. Using a number of these styles is an excellent way to play poker as it enables players to change gears and potentially confuse opponents.